Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of Shoes - and Ships - and Sealing Wax

While most people would not freely admit to this, I'm quite happy to declare to the world that Pride & Prejudice, (the BBC version and no other) is without a shadow of a doubt my all time favourite movie. So beloved in fact, that many a weekend is spent parked on the couch at home in front of it. I forced my poor long suffering boyfriend to watch it last weekend for the 6578th time, and drove him mad while I pre-empted every line, true Bridget Jones style. (Although I suspect he secretly felt the urge to recite lines at the television screen as well, he just didn't want to tell me.)
Any other Jane Austen diehards like myself out there will be familiar with my favourite scene where Darcy writes his most amazing letter to Elizabeth and seals the envelope with sealing wax. Since I first saw that I have ALWAYS wanted to do that. AND NOW I CAN!!! In one of the antiques that arrived in the new container, we discovered a beautiful Art Nouveau box of perfumed sealing wax and a box of 1920's Italian playing cards. So, if you receive mail from me, expect it old world style, sealed and smelling spectacular!

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