Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everything Comes From Something

So I just heard this story, and geek as I may be, I found it quite fascinating. Enjoy!

Just as the economic and military situations influence and to a large extent dictate the way of life in most countries today, so they did in past centuries. The French Napoleonic era, (best known as the French Empire), and the English Regency period both spanned the first quarter of the 19th century. The approaches to the English channel, have always been strategically important to France, England and Spain, as they that control the channel, control the ports. The blockade during this time, resulted in a complete in the style and fashions of the furniture.

During the 18th century, fine quality timbers were imported into Europe from South America and the British, Spanish and French West Indies for the use in high quality, elaborate furniture, typical of the Louis XV and XVI periods. Access to these materials was forced to a grinding halt during the Napoleonic period, specifically the first 20-25 years of the 19th century, as the English channel was blockaded and the once profligate luxury timbers were now in short supply.

The cabinet makers sought and found a readily accessible alternative for inlays in brass, available in England and Europe and is a typical feature of Empire furniture. At the same time, income tax was rising and as a result, much of the embellishment and carving disappeared from furniture and was replaced by the straighter lines and austerity, typical of Empire and Regency furniture.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why I love buying in summer!

...and how a garden looks without possums.

This particular day I bought antiques amongst the flowers, and two of the prettiest pieces were this original 19th century drum and...

This equally beautiful 19th century chest with its original paint.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This year has been an eventful one so far for a myriad of reasons; our latest buying trip was no exception. We made a wonderful discovery … well lots really, but one in particular!

It’s not always easy seeing wonderful suites or pairs of antiques split up, especially when they’ve made it to 2011 without having been separated. Sometimes it can’t be helped.

You might remember the wonderful Italian hand painted bed that we found on the last trip OS. We managed to grab the little matching chair but unfortunately missed out on the even more gorgeous matching blue commode with equally beautiful painted scenes on its top and sides. Another dealer had seen it first.

While perusing our way through Europe, something caught the corner of my eye, something that looked very familiar. Low and behold it was the matching commode crying out to us to be reunited with its long lost matching bed. We obliged… and here it is about to arrive into Australia in 3 weeks time!

One of my other favourites is this beautiful old bronze sun dial.

It even has a little bronze snail crawling up the leg!