Monday, January 23, 2012

My Antique Buying Adventure

Happy new year! A very belated one...

I must apologise once again for the lack of entry of late, however I've been scouting Europe to find goodies to bring home, and if I'm honest, I've been distracted by the rows of pain au chocolat.

I saw and bought so many beautiful things it really is difficult to do justice to it in a few words, so I've taken a few photos to give you a little snapshot of the trip.
I especially loved these two pieces. One for its beauty and name, the other for its subject. The above is described as a very fine quality late 19th century french Louis XV bombe commode with the most exquisitely detailed ormolu (gilded bronze) mounts and radiating sunburst veneers. And...if you look closely, you can see these radiating out from the centre of the commode like the rays of a sun. 

I need hardly explain why I feel in love with this little pair of French Art Deco ormolu girls, off to bed...

Following is just a number rooms that I fell in love with in various places that I went, all of which has incorporated some form of antique, whether it be furniture, textile or art.
 Well maybe not this one but it was cute.

 We ended our adventure in Paris, and unwittingly stumbled into an antique exhibition running at the Louvre. It was quite simply breathtaking. One of the vendors had on display the piano below. I'm ashamed to say that the only French I can speak is 'C'est Combien' so unfortunately my vocabulary did not extend so far as to be able to read the description. But a piece like this can't really be described anyway, so what better way to capture it than a few photos. Enjoy!

The ladies that offered to jump into my suitcase before the plane took off, you can at the very least rest easy knowing that while the antiques and rooms were beautiful, the weather was grey and wet...just for a change.