Friday, November 12, 2010

My Moorish Armoire

I made a discovery the other day!
On my last trip overseas to buy, I found the most incredible armoire (wardrobe), I have ever seen. I love textured things in all their many shapes and forms, but I particularly love beautiful, old, rough, natural textures.

This armoire that I found hideen in the back of an old barn, behind an enormous stuffed deer's head was a one off and I still fantasize about the enormous 18th century kitchen I'm going to build with this as a feature ... that is if as usual it doesn't sell before I build my house. Dream on Jess.
This is my big fat beautiful wardrobe love.
For the 'Spanish design virgin' that I was I thought little more of it than how unusual (and how I would kill to have it). When I visited the Alhambra recently however, I was struck (as any sane person would be) with the gorgeous detail of the Moorish carvings throughout, and a little voice kept creeping into my head telling me that I had seen this sort of thing before. The motifs looked so familiar.
Of course my first day back in the showroom after my holiday, as I sat staring longingly at my beautiful wardrobe that I can't fit in my house, it dawned on me. Surely that's Moorish influence that I'm so enamoured with that I can see carved all over the front doors and side panels.

Happy weekend!!!

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