Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More beautiful old things

This was an 18th century house converted to a hotel called Lawrences we stayed in, in Sintra Portugal. The inside was so pretty I had to take some photos! www.lawrenceshotel.com

For me Spain probably has the most beautiful castles and palaces because they don't have the stiff and stuffy feel of the English and French palaces. They're all about beautiful gardens and fountains and tiles, and importantly they have stunning antique pieces, particularly amazing antique lights above.
We stumbled on this dilapidated old palace on the edge of Ronda. It was so exciting because unlike all the other perfectly maintained ones that you see around Europe, this one was falling to pieces but everywhere you looked there was a little reminder of what it once might have been. The paint was peeling, vines grew up the walls and inner staircase. Birds were nesting in the ceiling.

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