Friday, November 19, 2010


So I talk a lot about being wary of fakes, and I blabber on a lot about how careful you need to be and how they're becoming more and more prevalent. We were walking through Europe a few weeks back and stumbled upon this little shop in the 'antique' precinct. I walked in and the gentleman below was in the process of creating some 'distressed antiques'.
In this scenario it was fine because it was quite clear that what he was selling on his walls, he was also making right in front of you. However it's where these pieces end up and who buys them that is perhaps a little more concerning. I don't mean retail buyers I mean dealers, as these are the types of things that tend to end up sitting on the 'antiques for sale' tables at some of the French fairs.

Lack of quality aside, for the untrained eye this piece below could easily be mistaken by many for being very old. When I peered at it more closely it had actually been made to look as if borer (worm) had been eating at it for a long time - it was covered in tiny little holes identical to the marks that borer activity will leave.
Not a great quality image but if you have good eyesight you'll see hundreds of tiny little holes. Scary - it had only been made the day before.

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