Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Secret Garden

One of my last sunny days in the UK was a trip out to see Martin Scorey, the sculpturer who I've posted about before. It's always one of my favourite stops, because Martin who works from home has transformed his garden into a little paradise in the middle of a city. It's a little bit like The Secret Garden, from the outside you'd never guess what lies behind. Once you walk through the doors however, little 'Martin Creations' appear out of nowhere from every corner of the house and garden. Little birds peep from a log resting in the kitchen, small carved boats sit in the sun room looking out onto the garden, and sitting magnificent in front of the garden wall are some of his beautifully carved blue whales. Above is one of Martin's chairs, which you can find peeking out from corners of his garden as you enter.
This gorgeous bird for the garden was hidden in behind some shrubs. The harder you look in the garden the more you find. Metal lillypads look up at you from amongst the bushes and right in the midst of it all are four enormous garden chairs where you can sit and admire.

My photos don't really do the garden justice and as is always the way, my camera battery died just as I had found some of the best treasures. But I guess it is a like a secret garden so meant to keep some treasures quiet.

Martin makes only a few sculptures each year and all are unique. I have bought a couple back in this next container but he does do commission work as well. You can ask about this at www.wallrocks.com.au/contactus.aspx Martin's work is being featured in gallery's across Europe, one of which is Sculpture Park in the UK. Worth a look!
I think the best bit of the day though was when Martin's dog, a massive Rottweiler which I had never thought
was a particularly affectionate breed of dog, jumped on me and put his big puppy paws around my neck in a hug. He had been abused by his previous owner and was obviously lapping up every bit of attention he could get.

The afternoon finished with a hunt around my uncle's (antique dealer) warehouse to see what, if anything I could scavenge. Alas it was all far and above my price range but I did at the very least take a photo of this AMAZING table. Phenomenal I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in my life. I've taken a few close-ups, particularly of the top for you to drool over.

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