Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rooms that Inspire Me

I get excited when I see interiors that have character and soul, and personally I don't think there's a better way to do this than to mix old and new together. To me a room needs a little bit of history and detail to create this, because after all a home should be a home and not just a display space. I love this room from 'Dream Rooms' by Andreas Von Einsiedel because:
  • The space has combined really traditional furniture and elements and in a modern way;
  • The portraits across the wallpaper only enhance it and create a wonderful contrast of styles;
  • The combination of Louis XV and XVI furniture keeps it interesting;
  • Colours are gorgeous, soft blues and grey tones that contast with the red, black and just a touch of gold to lift it.

I LOVE this console from Provencal Escapes by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and it reminds me of a beautiful italian painted centre table I have coming back from France. The floor in this photo is incredible - ah if only I had a stone floored French chateau! I love the geometric, olive green floor against the curves of this day chaise. I have an obsession at the moment with big old portraits. The red feather duster just adds a splash of colour and is oh so fitting with the style of the room!

I have been searching for one of the painted Louis XVI marble top tables for ages. My parents have for years had a similar one as their bedside table. Unfortunately they don't look like giving it up any time soon so I will just have to keep on looking.

I just think the combination of old and new in this room has been done so well. It's so clean and crisp, and doesn't have any of the feel of stuffy antiques that so many people seem to think is unavoidable if you introduce antiques into a room. But sure enough, that 'clean' settee is a beautiful antique. (Dream Rooms)

Dream Rooms - Adreas von Einsiedel

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