Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Shipment Arrived

Our new shipment of antiques is just in and I've just managed to climb over the piles and made it to my desk after a week of not being able to get in. It is always lovely having everything in and of course I'm already studying the bits that I love to work out if they'll fit in my new home - there's actually quite a mix in this time and I'd say something for all tastes.

Four favourites this week...

On another note, now that I have managed to make it back to me desk I've discovered these beautiful little baby roses that I was given the other week. They're beautiful with different colours of pink and yellow and the little red flowers, speckled beautifully with little hints of yellow as if someone has dabbed them softly with a paintbrush. They've dried now which is how I actually prefer roses, and they've retained their gorgeous colour which has just deepened with age. So, I'm going to whip them home for some home made potpourri for my drawers. 

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