Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Suitcase Full of Goodies

So every time I go overseas to buy, I find myself staring longingly at two particular pieces that much to my distress, I have never been able to buy. So this last time, in full anticipation of the usual astronomical price tag, I asked the price, in the full knowledge I was wasting my time.

Well, to say that I was in raptures and struggling to contain myself when I was able to buy it would be an understatement! But yes,  I was able to pack these two long lost little lovelies in my suitcase...finally.

This first piece is a beautiful 19th century Japanese cloisonne charger.
Cloisonne is the ancient art of decorating metalwork. The design is created by adhering strips of silver, gold wire to the base metal, which works to separate and compartmentalise the enamel or inlay colours. 
Japanese cloisonne originated during the Edo period in the 17th century, (1603 - 1867), a period in which Japan was closed to the rest of the world and avoided invasion and as such experienced a period of marked development and culture.

Ahhhh and look at the result!
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And last but not least, this super quality 19th century tall hand painted glass vase.


  1. Thanks so much for your reply Jessica...:) Yes please especially in Pink.... I know how difficult they are to find... and they are absolutely beautiful!! I think they are nicest pair I have ever seen....
    I was just about to send an inquiry about the stunning 19th century Cloisonne Vase I also spotted while browsing your store.... when I saw your message...
    Is Anna Spiro your sister? I bought a pair of vintage Pink vintage mantel vases from her this week and for some reason I have always thought she is connected to Wallrocks somehow?? But could be way off track here of course...lol...
    Thanks again....
    Lou xx

  2. Ha, no Anna isn't my sister but you flatter me! We do know Anna well and think she's a fantastic designer.