Friday, May 6, 2011

Glorious Goodies

Oh frantically busy, but no excuse, I'm breaking all the blogging rules... and not blogging at all. Long weekends, while wonderful at the time, (except that I woke up Saturday and the possums had devoured ALL my roses!) have also meant some very hectic weeks for myself and everyone I know, however perhaps I protesteth too much!

Today is a great day. I've been waiting an eternity to find one of these and had virtually given up hope of ever finding one. It's a gorgeous Louis XV day bed with the most beautiful curves. There are quite a few poor versions of this around, but this one here's a beauty so I'm rather chuffed. I'm even in raptures over the velvet, which is usually not my thing but the old faded colour against the gilt is just stunning. I've also happened upon a rather beautiful pair of highly carved 19th century French mirrors - an original pair being a very tricky find.

Click to View French Antique Day Bed!

So lovely finishing the week basking in glorious goodies!

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