Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nothing a dust and a polish won't fix!

I'm all excited today because I've been re-organising the showroom and while I was shifting things around I found these stunning 19th century French leadlight doors hiding behind a wardrobe - I had totally forgotten that they were there!
View a larger image of these French antique doors. We've been drowning in restoration in the lead up to Christmas which as you all know I love. It's like Christmas itself for me, I love seeing things come out of restoration. These are a few of the things that have just come out recently...
Click here to view a larger image of this 19th Century Eastern European Bench
This bench was only cleaned, no new paint was re-applied to the piece, but it completely changed colour and all of a sudden we realised there was this beautiful original pattern underneath!

View a larger image of this 19th Century Eastern European Bench Seat

This is a very high quality 19th century English display cabinet. Nothing to look at before restoration, but look what was underneath!

Amazing what a bit of a clean can do!

View a larger image - 19th Century English Antique Display Cabinet

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