Monday, June 21, 2010

Touched down in London two days ago now. Jet lagged up to my eyeballs we arrived in after a fairly uneventful but very long flight over. Although much to my surprise apparently there are some airlines that don't require seatbelts during turbulence which resulted in a close encounter with myself, a fellow passenger and a suitcase - but that story is for another day.

We landed in Heathrow and while most might sensibly head to their respective accommodation and sleep for a thousand years, we headed off down south 3 hours in search of antiques. While my mental protests could probably be heard by our driver, the day was absolutely worthwhile with a significant portion of the container purchased on day one! This is a new experience for me. That seems to be the interesting thing about this trade, the fact that you never really know.
Areas that were abundant with stock one trip can be empty the next, and certainly on occasion you can get to the final 2 days of your trip and not be sure that you'll fill the container. So far however a success.

For those that can appreciate an interesting piece of furniture in terrible light, sitting on concrete in a dark warehouse, above is just a sneak peak of a couple of gorgeous things I found that I can't wait to get home.
The first is a small 19th century carved X-Frame chair with red velvet. I just think this piece would make a gorgeous feature in a room - it's so unusual. I have been wanting to buy one of these for a long time but they're never quite right when I see them.
The second piece was hiding in the back of a warehouse, and is a 19th century gilded mirror with its original mirror. If you look closely at the image it has some really beautiful detailing of flowers around the frame which I think is really unusual.

I have also posted a couple of photos of the family home we're staying and the surrounding area. I finally had a chance yesterday to relax and take a walk and england in the summer is so stunning! Don't ask me what I think of it in winter though, I would rather be locked in a room with no windows for 6 months. I spent the afternoon wondering through the countryside, time I never have at home in Brisbane so it was especially wonderful. I even had company! I was followed for 2km by a heard of recently weened calves that I think had somehow mistaken me for their mother. (They were so adorable, but perhaps being mistaken for a heifer is not such a good thing???)
We're off to France on the ferry this afternoon so hopefully some exciting pieces await! I can't wait...

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