Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Bench

I while ago I posted about the origins of this beautiful 19th century bench. I've just had cushions done for it and photographed it one last time before it goes out today...and now alas I have to say goodbye!


  1. Where can I get beautiful bench like this.

    1. Isn't it stunning!

      19th century benches like this one are extremely rare, I've only ever found 3, they generally come in one colour and have usually been overpainted at some point which is undesirable. You want them original. I do have one bench with this level of original painted detail, and to be quite honest I can't say when the next one will come along. I have included a link here for you, obviously cushions etc can be made up to suit.

      The bench at the following link is actually blue and red, white and green despite looking black and red in the photos. If you would like me to email you detailed photos with a clearer view of the colours in the piece just let me know!