Monday, February 22, 2010

A scrub and a polish!

This beautiful pair of genuine French Louis XVI armchairs are a perfect example of how exciting the antique world can be.

We bought this pair of French Louis XVI chairs a little while ago and they’re virtually unrecognisable as the same pair of chairs. The carving on these chairs was so clogged with dirt you could barely make out that they had been carved at all and the gilt resembled a mucky brown rather than the beautiful gold leaf you can see here. You could easily have walked straight past them and not realised that underneath the filth and the stained fabric stood these stunners!

That’s the most exciting thing about antiques – being able to pluck the gems from the rubbish and when you do it’s an enormous rush. Even for the experienced though, this is becoming more and more difficult. With antiques becoming harder to find, fakes are becoming more prevalent and as an antique buyer you really have to be careful not to be caught in the trap. These are my favourites of the moment!

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